DPORDepartment of Professional and Occupational Regulation (Virginia)
DPORDivision of Parks and Outdoor Recreation (various locations)
DPORDepartment of Parks and Outdoor Recreation (Alaska)
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According to Equation (4), which is used for utility calculation in DPOR, Euclidean distance takes a less important role rather than vehicular density and distribution.
ACAR has a lower delivery ratio than DPOR, because it just considers vehicular density in the path selection procedure and vehicular density cannot show how uniform the vehicles are distributed on the path.
But DPOR performs better than TADS, as driving path is used to choose the next hop.
As it is shown in Figure 4(b), as the vehicular density increases, DPOR achieves the lowest end-to-end delay because it has an efficient way of intersection selection, which guarantees packets to be sent to the destination with a lower delay.
According to the next hop selection phase in DPOR, it seems that duplicate packets are received at the destination more frequently.