DPOSSDigital Palomar Observatory Sky Survey
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For example, data from the DPOSS, 2-MASS, and NVSS surveys is expected to yield on the order of a billion sources, and the image data will comprise several tens of terabytes.
Le bilan valuatif porte sur les dossiers d~aide dposs sur la priode 2014-2016.
this consultation was for the supply of transformers, transformer stations MV / LV for the electric distribution network public and the technical dispatch state and the destruction of transformers dposs.Elle is allotted in 7 lots defined below aprs.Il s d is a single-attribute framework agreement executed by issuing vouchers controls, governed by Articles 78 and 80 of Decree o 2016-360 of 25 March 2016, no minimum and maximum amount annuels.Il takes effect from 1 er January 2017 until 31 December 2018.
les plans de prvention, les visites pralables des sites, la scurisation des trappes arrire dfinie dans l~article 1.6.1 et 1.6.2 du CCTP no54 du 09/05/2016 (scurisation des trappes horizontales, scurisation des trappes verticales), l~change standard des trappes horizontales dfini dans l~article 1.6.2 du CCTP no54 du 09/05/2016, l~vacuation, l~limination des dchets et matriels dposs et le nettoyage tels que dfinis dans l~article 1.7 du CCTP no54 du 09/05/2016, la rception des installations.
L~tablissement financier fournit un fichier des rejets de prlvements dposs sur un serveur via un lien FTP vers le hub de communication Kyriba.