DPPEDipalmitoyl Phosphatidylethanolamine
DPPEDiplôme Professionnel de Professeur des Écoles (French: Professional Diploma in Primary Education)
DPPEDemocratic Party of the Peoples of Europe
DPPEDevice Power Policy Engine (software)
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This class of drug resembles DPPE and binds to the same intracellular histamine receptors.
DPPE is read-only and completely safe to use for all media.
Users with earlier versions of ImageRecall can upgrade to DPPE for $19.
Bristol-Myers Squibb will develop and market DPPE, a novel treatment for
in patients with prostate and breast cancer, DPPE appears to enhance the
development and marketing of DPPE, which has demonstrated activity in a
of Canada is undertaking a Phase II trial with DPPE in combination with