DPPNDéveloppement de Produits Pharmaceutiques et Nutritionnels (French: Development of Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Products)
DPPNDictionary of Pali Proper Names (Pali Text Society; London, UK)
DPPNDiscount Preferred Provider Network
DPPNDéveloppement et Prescription de Produits Nouveaux (French: Prescription and Development of New Products)
DPPNDental Preferred Provider Network (insurance; various locations)
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the dppn plans to set up an automated high-throughput phenotyping platform to record shoot and root features of plant stands in large-scale plant containers (110 total) in the plant culture center (pkh).
This is further corroborated by the story of those leaders, recorded by the commentator (Sp III 614) and extracted by DPPN as follows: