DPPOSDiabetes Prevention Program Outcomes Study
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Studies based on the original DPP and subsequent long-term follow-up with the DPP Outcomes Study (DPPOS) found mean ICERs for a health system ranging from cost-saving to $20,000 per QALY depending the time horizon (Herman et al.
At the end of the trial, they were invited to take part in DPPOS, during which their blood fats and blood pressure were measured annually.
He and his associates hypothesized that diabetes prevention with metformin and lifestyle changes would be associated with better cognitive performance in the DPPOS. Their secondary hypotheses were that diabetes and dysglycemia are associated with worse cognitive function, and that metformin exposure is not associated with cognitive impairment.
Morpeth Neighbourhood Inspector Grant Dawson said: "The DPPO has been a useful tool in the last few years and it has really helped us reduce the problems caused by alcohol.
The researchers found that diabetes risk during DPPOS was 56% lower for participants who had returned to normal glucose regulation versus those who consistently had prediabetes.
Specifically, diabetes risk was reduced 47% in DPPOS if normal glucose regulation was attained only once (HR, 0.53); 61% if it was reached twice (HR,0.39); and 67% if it was reached three times (HR, 0.33)," the investigators said (Lancet 2012 June 9 [doi: 10.106/S0140-6736(12)60525-X]).
At a cabinet meeting in Pontyclun the executive recommended the head of community safety should produce detailed proposals to place the whole county borough under a Designated Public Place Orders (DPPO) scheme.
Firstly, the effectiveness of SMS intervention was based on a RCT in Hong Kong Chinese population, but some clinical and epidemiological data were adopted from DPP and DPPOS, which are the US population-based studies.
Factors associated with increased diabetes risk in DPPOS included age younger than 45 years (HR, 1.47), and African American ethnic origin (HR, 1.77).
Steve Crick, neighbourhood safety officer for Middlesbrough Council, said: "The DPPOs encourage people to drink responsibly.
A report by Sarah McGill, Cardiff council's chief housing and neighbourhood renewal officer, said the Government gave councils the power to introduce DPPOs to help them tackle anti-social behaviour.
DESIGNATED public places orders (DPPOs) are a tool that can be used by local authoritiesto tackle problems ofanti-social alcoholdrinking in public places.