DPPRDirection de la Prévention des Pollutions et des Risques (French: Department of Prevention of Pollution and Risks; French Ministry of Sustainable Development)
DPPRDevelopment Plan for Poverty Reduction (Yemen)
DPPRDirectorate of Publicity and Public Relations (est. 1979; India)
DPPRDepartment of Business and Professional Regulation
DPPRDisaster Preparedness Program Review
DPPRDemonstration Planning and Progress Report
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Specifically, DPPR will be responsible for advising the Agency on matters relating to improving the quality, safety, and effectiveness of the health care of the legislatively mandated priority populations.
In essence, DPPR will drive AHRQ to emphasize research on priority populations as an essential part of the Agency's research mission and core activities.
Recognition of the DPPR project by InfoWorld is a significant accomplishment for Calpine, confirming our innovative use of information technology for competitive advantage, said Dennis Fishback, senior vice president and CIO.