DPRADrug and Pharmacies Regulation Act (Canada)
DPRADuc et Preneuf Rhône Alpes (French landscaping services)
DPRADépartement Prospective Aérospatiale (French: Prospective Aerospace Department)
DPRADutch Plastic and Rubber Association
DPRADynamic Probabilistic Risk Assessment
DPRADartmoor Pony Registry of America
DPRADon Pedro Recreation Agency (California)
DPRADisability Pensioner with Rheumatoid Arthritis (EU)
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ASCAP and BMI prevailed: the 1995 DPRA amended [section] 114 of the Copyright Act to include subsection (i).
She extensively discussed DPRA, which ultimately the court threw out for improperly rewriting court procedural rules, especially on collateral appeals (See story, page 5).
83, 85 (1993) (arguing in favor of a public pertbrmance right for digital transmissions of sound recordings prior to the passage of the DMCA and DPRA, using arguments similar to those espoused by Congress).
DPRA Defense Systems Group Tim Massey, Director of Pacific Operation Phone: (808) 946-2652 Business Description: A consulting/technology co.
I will also discuss briefly how the DPRA alters entry in interactive music distribution, though as noted at the beginning, the current versions of those services pose in the main interesting if somewhat more conventional antitrust questions.
The Florida Legislature enacted DPRA to streamline processing of capital cases and included a provision for the discovery of public records in the act.
For observations on the impact of permitting; see 1993 BIENNIAL REPORT, supra note 96, at l; DPRA INC.
antiperspirant for extreme sports), or analytical instruments for in vitro tests such as KeratinoSens and DPRA (sensitization), but also in terms of new clinical centers in order to address the growing demand for clinical and solar testing; i.
The successive motion standard of the DPRA prohibits otherwise meritorious claims from being raised in violation of due process.
webcasts) previously exempted from the DPRA were now subject to royalty