DPRAMDual Port Random Access Memory
DPRAMDivision of Prevention Research and Analytic Methods (US CDC)
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35 micron process an FPGA with 98K bits DPRAM and 200K logic gates is approximately 252mm squared.
0 will be available for shipping in November to handle SPRAM, DPRAM and ROM.
In addition to the processor core and its associated caches and memory management units, the ARM-based Excalibur devices include additional internal SRAM and DPRAM memory, peripherals, external memory controllers, and JTAG interfaces for software debug.
Other features, besides a high-speed 8-bit microcontroller and 3K Bytes of DPRAM that make the AT76C711 attractive is the 2K Bytes of SRAM for data storage, 8K x 16-bit in-system SRAM for program code and on-chip boot strap ROM for program uploading.