DPRCDrug Policy Research Center (Rand Corporation)
DPRCDrug Prevention Resource Center
DPRCDesign Professional in Responsible Charge (architecture)
DPRCDefense Program Review Committee
DPRCDartmouth Psychiatric Research Center (Concord, NH)
DPRCDepartment of Parks, Recreation and Conservation (Westchester, NY and Suffolk County, NY)
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Formed in 1985 as a computer staffing outfit, DPRC went public in March 1996, and grew through an aggressive acquisition program.
In excess of 93 percent of the shares of DPRC were tendered as of the expiration of the tender offer on July 28, 1999, exceeding the 91 percent minimum tender condition.
DPRC is a leading national professional services company focusing on the Information Technology (IT) sector.
DPRC President and Chief Operating Officer, Thomas Vadnais, commented on the acquisition, stating, "the ITSI transaction represents the continued execution of our strategy of enhancing the value of acquired companies through an aggressive cross-selling of our existing products and the introduction of acquired practices through our national branch office network.
Sheri Larban, Director of Internet Management/Web Master at DPRC states, "By having a consultant first take a technical test, we are able to determine what skills and strengths a consultant possesses.
which was merged with DPRC on December 21, 1998 and accounted for as a pooling of interests.
the leading provider of integrated technology solutions to the consumer products industry, today announced that it has signed an agreement with S3G, a DPRC Company, based in Austin, Texas, to act as a premier system implementor and integrator on Vista projects throughout North America.
Weaver added, "I would like to thank Dave Connell for his exceptional performance as President and COO during the past five years in guiding DPRC through our IPO and early stages of growth.
DPRC the only new vendor added to Microsoft's list and approved for all four
SPC"), which was merged with DPRC on December 21, 1998 and accounted for as a pooling of interests.
In accordance with the merger agreement, DPRC has issued approximately 2.