DPREDirection de la Planification et de la Réforme de l'Education (French: Department of Planning and Education Reform; Senegal)
DPREDesignated Parachute Rigger Examiner
DPREDynamic Policy Recognition Engine (Sanctum)
DPREDes Personnes Déplacées et Réfugiées (French: Displaced Persons and Refugees; NATO)
DPREDepartment for the Protection of the Environment
DPREDisplaced Persons, Refugees, Evacuees
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SFOR troops are responsible for the necessary security and as DPRE returns grow (with over 100,000 expected to return throughout Bosnia during 2000(7)), this role is expected to become more dominant and demanding.(8) In the town of Drvar alone, the site of one Canadian SFOR base, the Canadian contingent expects to oversee the return of between 2,000 and 4,000 Serbs to a predominantly Croatian area in the summer of 2000.
Under the Dayton Accords these "Displaced Persons and Refugees" (DPREs) have the right to move back to their original homes, even though many face a return to minority status.
2).Demand Draft favour of DPRE Mancherial 3).Copy of contractors registration certificate.