DPSDDirection de la Protection de la Sécurité et de la Défense (French: Directorate of Protection, Security and Defense; France)
DPSDDigital Principles and System Design (computing)
DPSDDual-Process Signal Detection
DPSDDeer Park School District (Deer Park, WA)
DPSDDigital Pulse Shape Discrimination
DPSDDumas Public School District (Dumas, AR)
DPSDDelhi Public School Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
DPSDDigital Phase-Sensitive Detector (imaging)
DPSDDigital Phase Sensitive Demodulator (imaging)
DPSDDemain pour Saint-Dié (French political association)
DPSDDansk Patients Sikkerheds Database (Danish: Danish Patient Safety Database)
DPSDDepartment of Product and Systems Design (University of the Aegean; Greece)
DPSDData Processing Systems Division
DPSDDigital Publications Standard Development
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The first panel (n = 15) evaluated four samples: (1) untreated control sample C of eland dried in DPSD, (2) untreated control sample C of eland dried in LO, (3) untreated control sample C of beef dried in DPSD, and (4) untreated control sample C of beef dried in LO.
Based on the results of the first panel, the second assessment only focused on eland meat dried in the DPSD and the effect of different drying pretreatments on the organoleptic properties assessed by the 22-member panel.
The daily mean values of drying air temperature and relative humidity in the drier (DPSD) varied from 23.6 to 60.8[degrees]C and 11.7 to 62.8%, with their average values being 48.1[degrees]C and 18.4%.
Officers appointed to the counternarcotics law enforcement unit receive two weeks of training before they are deployed, which, according the Director of the DPSD, is insufficient preparation to combat drug trafficking in Cote d'Ivoire.
According to the Director of the DPSD, given Cote's other serious problems, counternarcotics is sadly not a top priority for Cote d'Ivoire law enforcement.
sendo W(R) a massa acumulativa das particulas do solo, S e uma constante que caracteriza a forma das particulas, [rho]G densidade do solo, [rho]S e a densidade das particulas e R o raio medio das particulas do solo, DPSD a dimensao fractal, representativo da distribuicao do tamanho das particulas do solo.
Os valores da dimensao fractal obtidos pelos dois metodos usados nesta pesquisa (DPSD e DSWRC), foram incorporados aos valores oriundos da curva de retencao de agua do solo, atraves do modelo proposto por Books & Corey (1964) modificado por Pierrier et al.
DPSD was prepared according to a previously described method [11].
Various concentrations of DPSD ([10.sup.-4%], [10.sup.-3%], [10.sup.-2%], [10.sup.-1%], 1%, 3%, 5%, and 10% w/w of PI) were taken in a known volume of THF and added to the calculated quantity of the PAA solution.
To facilitate the characterization by spectroscopic analysis, we added an equimolar concentration of DPSD to the PAA, presuming that the silanediol functionality would react with the bifunctional amic acid moiety.
Comprehensive Implementation Plan, identifying timeline, strategies, training and processes for all items required for an integrated Time Clock Solution Application for DPSD..
DPSD will review and comment on each deliverable within 10 days after officially receiving the deliverable.