DPSFDynamic Particle System Framework (programming)
DPSFDanville Public School Foundation (Danville, IL)
DPSFDiploma of Science Foundations (Australia; undergraduate degree)
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To evaluate the capabilities of DPSF, software called Demo was implemented that uses DPSF to create 35 different effects.
Deterministic particle systems can also be created using DPSF. For example, Demo's Square Pattern effect shows a simple deterministic effect where each particle follows a square path.
The Image effect provided by DPSF Demo also shows that complex deterministic effects can be created.
The DPSF software was developed to accomplish this goal.
The Demo software demonstrates that DPSF provides the 18 features listed in Section 3 and shows that DPSF can be used to create many diverse effects.
Up to the time of writing, DPSF has been used in Holophone 3D [23] (a holographic phone app for WindowsPhone), an XNA-based game engine called PloobsEngine [24] and 18 independent video game development projects [25], including AvaGlide [26], Cannon number 12 [27], Defy Gravity [28], Orbitron: Revolution [29], and Perkunas Dragon [30].
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