DPSODécoration Peinture du Sud Ouest (French: Decorative Painting in the South West)
DPSODropping Purple Smoke Outfit
DPSODropping Purple Smoke Online (gaming community)
DPSODissipative Particle Swarm Optimization
DPSODiscrete Particle Swarm Optimisation
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For this experiment, MBHS, DPSO, GA, and PBSA algorithms are applied to the service selection problem with minimum defects.
In the first part, we adopt the instance in [32], an asset-based defensive WTA problem with four weapon platforms and five targets, as a benchmark case, and then compare the HDGWO with the discrete particle swarm optimization (DPSO) [13], the genetic algorithm with greedy eugenics (GAWGE) [24], and the adaptive immune genetic algorithm (AIGA) [32] by solving this benchmark case, so that the feasibility of the HDGWO to solve WTA problems could be demonstrated.
Finally, a novel DPSO algorithm is developed to improve the ability of Support Vector Machines in classifying the fault types found in the distribution network.
(ii) For Tables 3 and 4, [psi] = TGA, HeSEA, SA, UMDA, EHBSA, ACS, or DPSO, and [phi] = PRE[psi].
The objective is to expand its automotive parts business centered on automotive disc brake pads (hereinafter called oautomotive DPso) in the North American market.
DPSO (0.2 mol [dm.sup.-3]) and BPSDC (0.1 mol [dm.sup.-3]) were mixed and kept at room temperature for 24 h.
is preferably a polynucleotide, and the polar compound is DPSO, which improves the ability of the
Darwinian particle swarm optimization (DPSO) simulates natural selection in a collection of many swarms [25].
Mohamed, "DPSO based on a min-max approach and clamping strategy for the evacuation vehicle assignment problem," Neurocomputing, vol.
Other designers have mixed two heuristic algorithms to solve the HW/SW partitioning problems like in [28] where authors have used hybrid algorithm of Genetic algorithm (GA) and Tabu Search one, while others [29] have mixed the Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization (DPSO) and Branch-and-Bound (B&B) algorithms to meet the same aim.