DPSSTDepartment of Public Safety, Standards, and Training
DPSSTData Product Screening Software Team
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Missing were the service branch and name-tapes on military uniforms, as the members were evenly outfitted in their forestry department firefighting yellow shirts and forest green pants issued at the DPSST.
Under state law, private security workers aren't required to obtain a DPSST card if their responsibilities involve taking tickets, working as ushers or parking attendants, or assisting with general supervision of an event.
Smith, meanwhile, relinquished his state police certification prior to a DPSST investigation, which prevents him from working as a sworn police officer.
He applied to do so, DPSST certification supervisor Marilyn Lorrance said , but the agency was unable to accept his application because it lacked the required "signature of the hiring authority" - something impossible for Counts to obtain during the stand-off between members of Oakland's two-woman 2006 City Council.
But DPSST certification supervisor Marilyn Lorance said Friday that Counts remains uncertified.
DPSST Deputy Director Eriks Gabliks said the new facility will be able to train more recruits more efficiently.
Tsui formally requested a hearing last month after the state agency sent notice that it intended to revoke his certification, said Marilyn Lorance, DPSST's government liaison officer.
Participants can earn 1.6 continuing education credits through Southwestern Oregon Community College or receive DPSST credits.