DPSUDr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.
DPSUDominica Public Service Union
DPSUDefence Public Sector Undertaking (India)
DPSUDufferin-Peel Secondary Unit: A Local Affiliation with the Oecta (Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association)
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The JV guidelines will provide a streamlined, fair and transparent framework for entering into JVs by DPSUs, with the ultimate objective of better risk-management/ greater efficiency/shorter time frames for delivery to meet the increasing demands of our armed forces, and for enhancing self-reliance in the defence sector as a whole.
The formation of JVs will henceforth be undertaken by Board-managed DPSUs within the framework of the JV guidelines.
No inverter is needed with the DPSU recovery/recharger station.
The EDGE initiative will be utilized by the marketing department of DPSU, on-site Seven Worldwide employees, sales representatives, bottlers and media agencies.
On June 5, 1995, shareholders of DPSU approved and adopted a merger agreement with the effect that the holders of the remaining 1.
The goodwill written-off to reserves in the period was 587 mps after elimination of amounts previously invested in DPSU of 147 mps.
The CBI needs to get to the bottom of this case, and the government, for its part, needs to take a hard look to ensure that BEML's case is an aberration, rather than a rule among the DPSUs.
8 lakh in Ordnance Factories and DPSUs is similar to the countries like United Kingdom and France which are amongst the largest producers of defence related items.
Over the years the DPSUs have perfected the art of skimming the cream from defence contracts.