DPSYDevelopmental Psychology
DPSYDepartment of Psychology
DPSYDoctor of Psychology
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Lauren Gillett, BA Psy(Hons) DPsy, is a Clinical Psychologist, Brain Injury Rehabilitation Research Croup, Ingham Institute of Applied Medical Research, Sydney: Australia.
Table 1: Comparison of Diplomate Certification Requirements for Forensic Psychologists and Forensic Social Workers Diplomate Requirement Psychologists Awarding American Board Forensic Psychology organization Licensure/certification Psychologist Education PhD, DPsy, or EAD Post-degree forensic 1,000 hours over at most four years (or one experience year post-doctoral program) Specialized forensic 100 hours (formal education, supervision, training or continuing education) Submission of prac- Two (form basis for oral examination) tice samples Examination 3.