DPTADiethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid
DPTADeceptive Trade Practices Act
DPTADallas Professional Tennis Association
DPTADelaware Physical Therapy Association
DPTADistributed Processing: Techniques and Applications
DPTADeer Park Teachers Association
DPTADistinguished Project Team Award
DPTADomestic Payment Transfer Agency
DPTADrawsko Pormorski Training Area (UK)
DPTADelmar Physical Therapy Associates
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The PWD argues that if species which do not have much ecological value but are commercially viable are kept out of DPTA, the green cover will in fact go up because of public participation.
Special coverage features: Defense outside the limits; no DPTA exclusion; network security, risk management services, crisis expense; of counsel extension, death/disability ERP; individual ERP, aggregate deductibles.
A field design involving three rice varieties and two zinc treatments at two pH treatments demonstrated that the rice varieties (Drew, Cypress, and Kaybonnet) were not highly affected by the zinc treatments even though the soil pH and DPTA test for zinc suggested a Zn deficiency.