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DPUDroits à Paiement Unique (French: Single Payment Entitlement)
DPUData Processing Unit
DPUDevelopment Planning Unit (various organizations)
DPUDual Processor Unit
DPUDePauw University (Indiana, USA)
DPUDeep Penetration Unit (Sri Lanka)
DPUDroit de Préemption Urbain (French: Right of First Refusal)
DPUDalian Polytechnic University (China)
DPUDemocratic Pacific Union (Taiwan)
DPUDigital Processing Unit
DPUDistribution Per Unit (investing, trusts)
DPUDePaul University
DPUDefects Per Unit
DPUDinas Pekerjaan Umum (Indonesia)
DPUDepleted Uranium
DPUDue Process Unit (various organizations)
DPUDistributed Power Unit (multiple locomotives acting as one unit for large trains)
DPUDocument Production Unit (various locations)
DPUDay Procedure Unit
DPUData Path Unit
DPUDisplay Processor Unit
DPUDigital Processor Unit
DPUDossier Patient Urgences (French: Emergency Patient Record)
DPUDelayed Pressure Urticaria (dermatology)
DPUDirected Patrol Unit
DPUDecentralized Processing Unit
DPUDeferred Prosecution Unit (Texas)
DPUDemocratic Pragmatist Union (Second Life)
DPUDistributed Processing Utilities
DPUDisruptive Pattern Uniform
DPUDampier Port Upgrade
DPUDynamics Power Unit
DPUDiesel Powered Unit
DPUDS1 Performance Unit (Hekimian)
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The H182G single-port DPU provides an optical uplink (compatible with both EPON and GPON), a copper-based downlink (compatible with ITU-T Recommendations G.9960/G.9961) with options for coaxial or twisted pair, and two Gigabit Ethernet ports.
The Sierra Club had petitioned the DPU arguing that relying on Canadian hydroelectric power will do nothing to meet the states climate goals and stunts investment in local manufacturing, energy generation, and innovation.
Reverse Powering multi-port DPUs comes with its own challenges, as the DPU needs to be powered even when only one end-user is connected and the power needs to be equally shared when more subscribers are taking on the service.
It also offers DPU cascading to support a total of up to 48 G.fast modems.
NetComm's new range of DPUs will feature 4-port, 8-port and 16-port models that will enable network operators to service more premises from a single DPU this will be particularly useful in delivering services to previously problematic Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs).
The NetComm DPU and NCD combine to deliver the world's first viable alternative to fibre in areas where it is not practical or economical to deploy Fibre-to-the-Premise (FTTP).
The first-generation Wave board already uses an Andes N9 32-bit microcontroller for these tasks, so MIPS64 will be an upgrade that will give the system agent the same 64-bit address space as the DPU as well as support for multi-threading so tasks can run on their own logical processors.
According to NetComm Wireless,the DPU is installed in a pit, or on a telegraph pole, providing a cost-effective solution to improve broadband speed, performance and capacity.
SINGAPORE, May 12, 2016 - (ACN Newswire) - LMIRT Management Ltd, the manager of Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust ("LMIR Trust") wishes to announce that the portfolio of LMIR Trust has achieved year-on-year DPU increase of 5.1% for 1Q 2016.
A memorandum to attract foreign investment for implementation of investment projects of private sector was signed by Director of the Tajinvest State Unitary Enterprise Nekroi Zabirzoda and Director of Germany's DPU Investment GmbH Peter Urban.
As with the other public university (USI) in this study, there is a lower rate of retention compared to the private university (DPU), which is true nationally.
RAQABA issued the first Shari'ah audit report in the United States after a professional work continued for several months in an examination of the structures and procedures for LARIBA's home financing model "Declining Participation in the Usufruct (DPU)".