DPUIDose Per Unit Intake (radiation)
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Secondly public key DPUi and the private key DPKi for the taxi driver is generated.
RRIDk Identity of RSU Rk RLock Location of RSU Rk LPj License plate number of taxi SPU Public key of trusted server SPK Private key of trusted server RPUk Public key of road side unit RPKk Private key of road side unit DPUi Public key of the taxi driver Di Curr Loci Current location of taxi driver Di ENCx(MSG) Encryption of plaintext/message using key x DECx(C) Decryption of cipher text C using key x SIGx(MSG) Signature on message M using key x On-board unit starts up:
Using the drivers Di public key DPUi, then it verifies the signature SIGDSECKi {h(DRIDi||LPj||curr_Loci)}.