DPWMDigital Power Management
DPWMDirectorate of Parks and Wildlife Management (Namibia)
DPWMDigital Pulse Width Modulator
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Comparing discontinuous modulation strategy (120 DPWM) of normal operation and fault operation that has the advantages of reduced switching loss and THD, and also wide modulation range.
Therefore, a thermal equilibrium dynamic control of high power NPC three-level inverter based on DPWM dual-mode modulation was proposed in this paper.
In this paper, high resolution DPWM signals are generated keeping the system clock frequency low to provide the state feedback control.
Many of our functions and activities will be absorbed by the DPWM.
further categorized into "continual clamping" and "split clamping" DPWM methods.
Roberts, said there are several prospects in the partnership, that urge for joint efforts to bring about some positive changes between GTBoard and DPWM.
Consider a 10V input, 1.25V output synchronous-buck converter driven by a 300 kHz DPWM. The converter delivers 25A to a load.
5, we used the sinusoidal PWM and DPWM control strategies and we took into account the following values: inductive load R=10[ohm], L=10mH, amplitude modulation index [m.sub.a] = 0.95, carrier wave frequency 50Hz, switching frequency 5kHz, and supply voltage amplitude [U.sub.d] = 310 V.
(17.) Van Duijn CM, Delasnerie-Laupretre N, Masullo C, Zerr I, de Silva R, Wientjens DPWM, et al.
In Part 2 of the article--appearing online at ecnmag.com (click on "Current Issue"), the three main blocks that form the heart of a digital controller will be discussed--an anti-aliasing filter, an analog to digital converter (ADC), and a digital pulse width modulator (DPWM), as depicted in Figure 2.
Project Description: The WCT as part of its Aims and Objectives and in support of its MOU with the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management (DPWM) is committed to the establishment of a Biological Records Centre for The Gambia.
The high-bandwidth control loop updates at a 10 MHz rate and contains a dedicated ADC, programmable DSP filter engine, six-channel DPWM and programmable over-current protection (OCP) hardware detector.