DPXDelta Package Expander
DPXData Processing Exchange
DPXData Protector Express
DPXDigital Moving Picture Exchange
DPXDistyrene Plasticizer Xylene (histology)
DPXDigital Picture Exchange
DPXDi-N-Butyle Phthalate in Xylene
DPXDigital Phosphor Technology (Tektronix)
DPXDusty Plasma Experiment
DPXDiffuse Plane Xanthoma
DPXDeep Penetrating Expanding (ammunition)
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"We are excited to have Richard Stocking and the entire DPX team working with us to accelerate needed improvements in our U.S.
Hydropriming for 12 h and hormonal priming with gibberlic acid for 14 h with cultivar DPX was best in this regard.
The waveguide pressure sensor [??]TX-1 has a significantly higher sensitivity (about two orders of magnitude) compared to the DPX 101-5K and PS-02 pressure sensors, due to this the level of the useful signal is more than an order of magnitude higher than the current-induced level.
Weight Velocity Extreme Standard Group .480 Ruger (gr.) (fps) Spread Deviation (in.) Barnes DPX * 275 1,527 66 26 1.81 Cor-Bon DPX 275 1,434 69 25 2.09 Federal Premium 275 1,533 43 15 2.23 Expander Hornady XTP 325 1,291 40 16 2.19 Notes: (* handload) Accuracy results are the averages of three five-shot groups fired from a sandbag rest at 25 yards.
Upon the closing of the deal, Gallus will be merged with DPx Holdings' Patheon unit, which specialises in the development of biologic drug substances.
We spoke briefly with Francisco Negron, SVP of North American commercial operations and global CMO integration for DPx Holdings, B.V., for his perspectives (p.
DPX [16] is another crossover that produces child with greedy reconnect of common edges in two parents.
The DPX spectrum display used in the RSA5000 Series offers an intuitive live color view of signal transients as they change over time in the frequency domain.
VIGILE DPX, the latest member of Thales's VIGILE family of products, addresses this problem through a Wideband Digital Receiver (1) that directly samples the full bandwidth of the radar RF spectrum instantaneously.
33- DPX. 32- Davisx williamz sahar, Linford clarck- Hobbit X williamz- Ronack xwiliamz During experiment it was taking notes of various phonological characteristics (such as growth beginning stages and ending flowering, sheathing, maturity) and structural characteristic such as the height of the plant and the height of the generation of the first sheet from surface and at the end, the performance was determined.
Front Porch Digital says that with its support for complex DPX (Digital Picture Exchange) packages, DIVArchive v7.0 enables video-like operations on filmcarried content, making it ideal for film production and postproduction applications.