DPYDepartment of Physics
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Figure 1(a) showed the pattern of the atomic absorbance of Sb (III) with different chelating agents (BPHA, Oxine, and Dpy) and their background absorbance.
elegans: Caenorhabditis elegans; CGC: Caenorhabditis Genetics Center; Daf: dauer formation-defective; DCR: Dicer related; Dpy: dumpy; DRH: Dicer related helicase; eak: enhancers of akt-1; egl: egg-laying defective; EMS: ethylmethane-sulfonate; fox: Feminizing gene on X; GFP: green fluorescent protein; GWAS: genome-wide association study; KO: knockout; lin: abnormal cell lineage; mec: mechanosensory abnomarity; PCR: polymerase chain reaction; PIR: phosphatase interacting with RNA/RNP; PS: phosphatidylserine; RFP: red fluorescent protein; RNAi: RNA interference; rSNP: regulatory single nucleotide polymorphism; scrm: SCRaMblase (phospholipid scramblase); sem: sex muscle abnormal; sid: systemic RNA interference defective; tat: transbilayer amphipath transporters; Unc: uncoordinated movement.
The same trend was followed also for 305 dFY and 305 dPY. The differences in 305d MY losses between fore and hind quarter infections reflects unbalanced udder regarding the equal udder quarters.
By setting D [is equivalent to] dpy, B [is equivalent to] bpy, and [Mathematical Expression Omitted], dividing both sides of the resulting expression by the nominal GDP = py, where p = GDP deflator and y = real GDP, and d and b denote real primary deficit and real debt, respectively, performing a few algebraic manipulations and arranging the terms we obtain:
(dpy (:pointer Display)) (gc GC) (mask unsigned-long)
Its coefficients and significance levels are higher for the money and inflation variables, DM2 and DPY, than for the other variables.
If PR is personnel required, HPD is hours per day, DPY is days per year, and APH is available productive hours, then PR X HPD X DPY/APH = SLPR
The advanced economy currencies are: Australia (AUD), Canada (CAD), Germany/Euro (DEM/EUR), Dapan (DPY), New Zealand (NZD), Norway (NOK), Sweden (SEK), Switzerland (CHF) and United Kingdom (GBP).
elegans DPY is a Cmannosyltransferase glycosylating thrombospondin repeats.
The car, a green Renault Megane, number V759 DPY, was stolen in Rawdon, near Leeds, last Tuesday.
Experimental and modeling studies indicate that most pollutant formation in this zone occurs in oxygen-depleted pockets of poor waste-air mixing (Chang DPY et al., unpublished data; Cundy et al.