DQ3Dragon Quest III (gaming)
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Fantastic and heroic DQ3 is not rendered in color because color is reserved in this picture for reality.
In Iraqi PT patients, DR1 might be considered as an indicative marker of disease susceptibility, while DR8 and DQ3 are associated with resistance against PT development.
TABLE 1: HLA-matches of recipient and 1st and 2nd donor Recipient A3 All B5 B35 B51(5) (1) Donor A3 A19(32) B5(51) B18 (2) Donor A2 B44(12) Recipient Bw4 Bw6 Cw1 Cw4 DR1 (1) Donor Bw4 Bw6 Cw7 DR1 (2) Donor B60(49) Cw3 Cw5 DR1 Recipient DQ1 DQ5 (1) Donor DR9 DR53 DQ1 DQ3 (2) Donor DR3 DR9 DR13 DQ2 Recipient (1) Donor (2) Donor DQ6
Testing for the 57.1 ancestral haplotype (HLA-B5701, DR7, DQ3) or the HLA-B5701 alone as studied by Mallal and Hetherington, respectively, should not be used to screen patients before initiating abacavir until further studies in different populations have been completed.
[X.sub.NL] = a11 + a12 x dq2+ a13 x dq3 + a14 x dq4 + a1y x Income/CPI + x1 x Ps/CPI + a1p x Pop - x2 x [P.sub.NL] /CPI.
[P.sup.S.sub.NL]/CPI = a21 + a22 x dq2 + a23 x dq3 + a24 x dq4 + a25 x YieldUS + (A2) x3 x wus/CPI + (1 - x3) x A/CPI + a2t x trend + x4 x [A.sub.NL].
Las estimaciones de estos modelos se hacen con series de frecuencia trimestral, desde el primer trimestre de 1980 hasta el segundo de 2003, y se incorporan en algunos modelos dummies estacionales: DQ2, DQ3, DQ4.
Affected models are the Whirlpool Compact Thin Twin LTG5243 with suffixes DZ2, DT2, DQ2, DQ3 and DT3; Kenmore Laundry Center 110.98752792 and 3; and General Electric Unitized Spacemakers WSM2480TBAWW and TCAWW.
DQ3. Data quality will, ultimately, be no better than its most stringent use;