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DQ4Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen (gaming)
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[P.sup.S.sub.NL]/CPI = a21 + a22 x dq2 + a23 x dq3 + a24 x dq4 + a25 x YieldUS + (A2) x3 x wus/CPI + (1 - x3) x A/CPI + a2t x trend + x4 x [A.sub.NL].
[P.sub.NL]/CPI= a31 + a32 x dq2 + a33 x dq3 + a34 x dq4 + a3p x [P.sup.S.sub.NL]/CPI + (A3) a3im * IM/CPI + ([[theta].sup.D.sub.NL]/x2 + x4 * [[theta].sup.S.sub.NL]) x [X.sub.NL] + a3t x trend,
HLA-DQA1 epitopes: epitope 2018 is shared by the alpha chains of the DQ4, DQ5, and DQ6 antigens and defined by glutamine (Q) at position 53.
HLA-DQB1 epitopes: epitope 2002 is shared exclusively by the beta chains of the DQ4 antigen and defined by leucine (L) in position 56.
Epitope 2010 is shared by the beta chains of DQ antigens DQ4, DQ5, DQ6, DQ8, and DQ9 and defined by 45G + 46V.