DQFDecision Quality Factor
DQFDestination Queue File
DQFDouble-Quantum Filtered
DQFDelivering Quality First (British Broadcasting Corporation; UK)
DQFDriver Qualification File
DQFData Quality Framework
DQFDictionnaire Québécois-Français (French: Quebec-French Dictionary; Canada)
DQFDevelopments in Quantitative Finance (Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences; Cambridge, UK)
DQFData Query Function
DQFDirection Qualité Fournisseurs (French: Supplier Quality Directorate)
DQFDensity Quantile Function
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DQF Furniture have been operating since 2012, with five retail outlets across Northern Ireland, including two in Belfast and one in Derry, as well as a head office/ showroom in Newry.
He said that in future DQF will be operating as an online company.
Thus as it is shown in Figure 1 four pairs (distance values with DQF factor) of the results for one distance are obtained.
In the first step the a'priori parameters are defined: t, n, m and T, where, t is the parameter, that defines the minimum value of DQF, n the minimal number of observations that must be correct in the whole data set, m the parameter, that specifies the maximum distance from a test observation to a hypothetical model and T the number of iterations.
Kulworawanichpong, "The DQ axis with fourier (DQF) method for harmonic identification," IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, vol.
As part of the BBC's DQF savings plan, BBC Wales is required to deliver savings totalling PS10.7m by 2017.
The quality of the received signal is expressed by the distance quality factor parameter (DQF).
Figure 3 depicts the dependency between measured distance, reference distance and DQF. For this figure the results from all pairs of antennas were averaged (distances and DQFs).
The representatives are consultants, independent from TAUS, helping companies to implement and work with TAUS resources, metrics and tools such as the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF), TAUS Data and the TAUS Translation API.
The DQF shared metrics and tools for the evaluation of translation quality meet the needs of a changing business environment in which buyers and providers of translation look for effective ways to automate and rationalize processes.”
Other long-running programmes such as Newsround, will also move to digital channels CBBC and CBeebies as part of the Delivering Quality First (DQF) scheme.
The Best Practices Guidelines for adequacy, fluency and error typology quality evaluation form one of the deliverables from the TAUS Dynamic Quality Framework (DQF).