DQFNDepopulated Very Thin Quad Flat Pack No Lead
DQFNDepopulated Very-Thin Quad Flat-Pack No-Leads
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Editor's note: In September 2002 Fairchild Semiconductor and Philips Semiconductor announced a strategic alliance intended to accelerate the adoption of the MicroPak and DQFN leadless logic packages developed respectively by the two companies.
Further size reduction now comes with leadless alternatives: substrate-based ball grid array (BGA) with 24 to 80 terminals, molded leadless package (MLP) such as DQFN for 14 to 20 terminals, and both flip-chip devices and substrate based land grid array packages (LGA) such as the MicroPak[TM] with five, six and eight terminals.
MLPs such as the new DQFN measure just 2.5 mm x 3.5 mm, 75 percent smaller than the 14 lead TSSOP that they replace.
Second sources are now available for the MicroPak and the DQFN, about a year after their introductions.