DQNDu Quoin (Amtrak station code; Du Quoin, IL)
DQNDémarche Qualité Notariale (French notary firm)
DQNDepot Quartermaster Naval Operating Base (US Navy)
DQNDesert Quilters of Nevada
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Therefore, the stream of computation going from input to value output, and epsilon-greedy policy, mirror the same design as DQN. However, the second path of computation ending in the option policies and termination functions necessitates randomization, according to the gradient theorems for options.
For the value updates and control over options, we used the idea of a target network from DQN, but in combination with intra-option Q-learning (Sutton, Precup, and Singh 1999) instead of Q-learning (Watkins 1989).
Despite the complexity of this endeavour, the combination of option-critic and our deep architecture outperformed the best reported DQN performance (figure 4) for the same total number of frames in the games Asterix, Ms.
An obvious approach to adapting DQN to continuous filed is to simply discretize the action space, but it could raise the problem of dimensionality disaster.
The state s of the DQN algorithm is the raw image and it has been widely tested with Atari games [31].
DDPG method learns with an average factor of 20 times fewer experience steps than DQN [33].
Nguyen (President, DQN) jointly addressed a gathering of people from over 100 companies across the Indochina region from various domains.
At the workshop Drishti & DQN also launched their demonstration center, located @ DQN's Vietnam headquarter in Ho Chi Minh City.
Nguyen, President, DQN Corporation says - "Having seen the Domestic BPO industry grows, we are well aware of the intrinsic demands of our customers.
Business Manager (APAC), Drishti-Soft - "The decision to partner with DQN - the leading ICT products distributor and solutions provider in Vietnam and the ASEAN region, has been reinforced by the rapid growing contact center industry in Southeast Asia.