DQOLDiabetes Quality of Life (measure)
DQOLDementia Quality of Life (disease-specific measure)
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Some studies showed improved evidence on the validity of DQoL instrument by testing the association of DQoL instrument and diabetes complications [7].
Initially, the foundation of DQoL instrument is supported by theory of the conceptual scheme of domains and variables in a quality of life assessment [10].
Hence, developing a shorter version of DQoL instrument is crucial.
Comparisons of quality of life for youth with and without diabetes were completed using the following instruments: the FS II (R), CBCL, SPPA, and the global measure of health and life satisfaction from the DQoL. With the exception of the global measure of health that was based on a rank score, independent t-tests were used to compare quality of life measures for youth with diabetes versus controls and their respective parents.
Teens with diabetes experienced decreased life satisfaction as reflected by the 10 item general life satisfaction subscale of the DQoL instrument as compared to controls (t = -2.4, df = 114.5, P = .02).
Habibzadeh et al., "Determining the reliability and validity of a clinical questionnaire quality of life (DQOL) among diabetic Patients in in Persian," Iranian Journal of Diabetes and Lipid Disorders, vol.
Devido ao pouco tempo de validacao do DQOL para o portugues, poucos ainda sao os estudos que avaliaram o DQOL-Brasil em diabeticos tipo 2.
Possible Range Sample Range Satisfaction 35.9 12.0 17-85 17-58 Impact 53.4 13.2 23-115 31-94 Worries 22.9 7.7 11-55 12-43 Total DQOL 111.8 26.0 56-280 64-176 Table 3.
Age Hb[A.sub.1c] Regimen Diabetes Intensity Duration Satisfaction -.1976 .1592 .2297 .2554 Impact -.3362 .0028 .2477 -.0193 Worries -.3967(*) .2399 .2361 -.1244 Total DQOL -.3542(*) .1641 .2697 .0538 Health Rating -.2383 -.5706(**) .0196 .0807 (*) p [is less than] .05