DQRSDrug Quaity Reporting System (US FDA)
DQRSData Quality Reference Site (International Monetary Fund)
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Chief Executive Officer of DQR Group Dr Kristian Haehndal said that Malta will undoubtedly become the worldwide epicentre of the blockchain ecosystem in the near future and DQR Group is proud to contribute to its foundation.
DQR Group is a conglomerate of DQR, DQR-X, DQR-GIVE, and DQR-Services, with well-established partners Genesis Mining, Blockchain Consulting, Logos Fund, and Draglet.
For the dynamical interrelations of ECG parameters all possible pairs of parameters series were analyzed: RR [omicron] DJT, RR [omicron] AR, RR [omicron] DQRS, RR [omicron] AT, DJT [omicron] AR, DJT [omicron] DQRS, DJT [omicron] AT, AR [omicron] DQRS, AR [omicron] AT and DQRS [omicron] AT.