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DRABDanger Response Airway Breathing (first aid)
DRABDowntown Redevelopment Advisory Board (various locations)
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Nicely," said Ruth, taking off her little drab bonnet, and dusting it with her handkerchief, displaying, as she did so, a round little head, on which the Quaker cap sat with a sort of jaunty air, despite all the stroking and patting of the small fat hands, which were busily applied to arranging it.
Simeon Halliday, a tall, straight, muscular man, in drab coat and pantaloons, and broad-brimmed hat, now entered.
He exchanges new lamps for old, the spangles of illusion for the drabs of reality, and in the end cheats all who traffic with him.
On the left of his great leader sat the poetic Snodgrass, and near him again the sporting Winkle; the former poetically enveloped in a mysterious blue cloak with a canine-skin collar, and the latter communicating additional lustre to a new green shooting-coat, plaid neckerchief, and closely-fitted drabs.
In the role, Drab is to focus on growing Dovetail Insurance's business through product innovation and client engagement.
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc (NYSE:MMC), Marsh Insurance Services Group revealed on Tuesday that Rich Drab has joined as chief executive officer (CEO) of Dovetail Insurance, which provides insurance technology services in the US.
With the planning permission having been allowed to expire, again, surprise surprise, the new application for even more drab, ugly etc student blocks.
As he points out, many of Tehran's buildings have only one real facade, and the other three walls are just left drab and plain.
AS GOOD AS GOLD THE previous dark rose wall colouring was drab and did nothing for this north-facing room.
Make this the last winter to live in a drab landscape.