DRAFDavid Roberts Art Foundation (UK)
DRAFDirection Régionale de l'Agriculture et de la Forêt (French: Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry)
DRAFDigital Radioamateur France (French amateur radio club)
DRAFDraft Resource Allocation Figure
DRAFData Reduction and Analysis Facility (SAO)
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References in classic literature ?
"I was throllied up six miles, all to get a shquint at that draf'.
"Thin I knew ut was a draf' av the Ould Rig'mint, an' I was conshumed wid sorrow for the bhoy that was in charge.
"'Can't be too hard on a Home draf,' sez he; 'the great thing is to get thim in-ship.'
"'Twas a dear little orf'cer bhoy, an' by way av kapin' his heart up, I tould him fwhat I saw wanst in a draf in Egypt."
"'Soft an' aisy, Sorr,' sez I; 'you've niver had your draf' in hannd since you left cantonmints Wait till the night, an' your work will be ready to you.
"I talked to me ould non-coms - they was sober - an' betune me an' thim we wore the draf' over into their tents at the proper time.
"All the draf' was out av their tents watchin' Barney bein' pegged.
"There was no tucker in the draf' whin ut fell in for the march, an' divil a wurrd about 'illegality' cud I hear.
"'A man he is,' sez ould Hother; 'the draf's as sick as a herrin'.
An' by the Holy Articles av War, whin they wint aboord they cheered him till they cudn't spake, an' that, mark you, has not come about wid a draf' in the mlm'ry av livin' man!
In a strictly synchronic analysis, the noun draf "action of driving," for instance, is morphologically related to the preterit of the Class I strong verb drifan "to drive," while the noun gedrif "tract" holds a morphological relation to the present of drifan.
It was further developed with the contribution of researchers such as Draf, Grunberg, Messerklinger, Bauer, and Wodak (4).