DRAFDavid Roberts Art Foundation (UK)
DRAFDirection Régionale de l'Agriculture et de la Forêt (French: Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry)
DRAFDigital Radioamateur France (French amateur radio club)
DRAFDraft Resource Allocation Figure
DRAFData Reduction and Analysis Facility (SAO)
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Furthermore, DRAF officers are convinced that Sovereign Skies' use of airpower made a definitive impact: "You only have to look in the skies of Santo Domingo, and you will see and hear our Super Tucanos on patrol.
He survived an ejection after takeoff at San Isidro Air Base and later became the first A-29 squadron commander and DRAF A-3.
Briefing, Lt Col Jonas Reynoso, DRAF, subject: Dominican Republic Sovereign Skies Brief to Counter Narcotics Trafficking Planning Conference, JIATFS, 17 November 2010.