DRAHDuke Raleigh Hospital (Raleigh, NC)
DRAHDirection Régionale de l'Agriculture et de l'Hydraulique (French: Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Water; Burkina Faso)
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In Africa as a whole, decision making structures are dominated by adults with the youth occupying peripheral positions (Drah, 2003).
The demonstrators were met by a violent police crackdown, which caused the death of a student bystander (Ninsin and Drah 1993:96).
(31) Role SBS se proto v teto oblasti primo nabizi vsude tam, kde verejne bezpecnostni slozky jiz ochranu neposkytuji (vcetne napriklad ochrany jadernych elektraren ve vlastnictvi spolecnosti CEZ, kterou v CR zajistuje spolecnost G4S jiz od roku 1991--viz tabulka 2 ci nedavna smlouva na zabezpeceni vsech objektu Ceskych drah spolecnosti Securitas) ci ji poskytuji v nedostatecne mire nebo kvalite z hlediska vlastniku anebo provozovatelu kriticke infrastruktury.
"Tha's ter do it fer a fair whahle ter drah stuff aat, but th' idea is 'at they move on ter somewheear else.
To a large extent, the state has succeeded in its efforts to deny women ac cess to its structures and to political power, yet it has simultaneously failed to stifle the larger pro-democracy movement of which many women are also part (Mutunga 1999; Ninsin 1998; Drah and Oquaye 1996).
Kofi Nyame and the late George Drah, Special Assistant to Lawyer S.K.
It gate sooa bad at one tahme 'at shoo wer 'avin' nowt but drah tooast fer 'er breakfast.
In this lab, you will be making a timekeeper called a clepsydra (klep se drah) - an ancient Greek drip clock.
In toward ower weoued ne beode ye na mon for te bihalden, ah yef his deuotiun bit hit ant haued grant, drahed ow wel inward ant te ueil adun toward ower breoste, ant sone dod pe clad ayein ant fesmid hete-ueste, yef he loked toward bed oder easked hwer ye ligged, ondsweried lihtliche, "Sire, per-of wel mei duhen," ant halded ow stille.