DRANDirecção Regional de Ambiente do Norte (Portugal)
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All plays taken together are called the drama, and the writers of them are called dramatists, from a Greek word dran, to act or do.
Wir sind dran wagt sich aus der sicheren Diskursebene wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnis hinein in die Sphare philosophischer, religioser Disputation.
In this regard, effective leader is considered as change agent (Dran, 2004) where leaders should encourage the new learning skills and abilities of its members.
Francois Le Dran (16851770) one of the best surgeons of his time postulated that cancer developed locally but spread through lymphatics becoming inoperable and fatal.
Le mage Massenet Saint-Etienne (recording) C: Campellone; Hunold, Aldrich, Lombardo, Lapointe, Vanaud, Dran, Sempey Jul.
rubb Th s bu br froS bis dea dran Sh r hittin stick atten d She also scavenged for biscuits in the rucksacks of dead colleagues and drank rainwater.
Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the unfinished Middle Dran, (1) which is the earliest draft available in the archive, is a separately numbered (1-9) Middle Dran Compendium (2) that appears to constitute a potential ending for the novel, set four years later in the plot.
THE nights are drawing in, the days are getting colder and the garden could be beginning to look bleak, dran and uninviting.
Und ich glaube, dass er in den sechziger Jahren durchaus nahe dran war, das zu schaffen.