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DRAODominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory
DRAODominion Radio Astronomy Observatory (Canada)
DRAODialysis-Related Amyloid Osteopathy
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Converting DRAO Reference Values from S-Band to CBand.
Anyhow, as expected, the noise affecting radar estimates is much larger than the one affecting DRAO measurements, as shown in Figures 1 and 2.
However, it is highly sensitive to any single large error (think, e.g., of a flare between 20 and 21 UTC, which would be detected by DRAO but certainly not by radars in Europe).
Ideally, one would like to compare the agreement between the 6 European radars and the DRAO reference exactly during the same Sun active period.
For four radars, it was possible to select a 100-day-long common period having 4 maxima of the S-component: it lasted 100 days, from April 8 to July 16, 2014 (day of the year 98 and 197); the solar slowly varying component, as measured by DRAO and as seen by 4 horizontal channels, is shown in Figure 1.
Figure 2 shows that, during such period, two maxima of the slowly varying component have occurred: the blue curve represents again the DRAO reference, while we have opted in this case for visualizing both horizontal (red) and vertical (green) radar polarization observations.
Quantitative Comparison between DRAO and Six Radars in Europe
Daily Agreement between H (or V) Polarization and the DRAO Reference.
In this section, the focus is on the quantitative agreement between DRAO and each of the four radars with data during the same 100-day period.
It gives indirect evidence of a possible identification of the Java la Grande names C: de [s.sup.t] drao and C: de [s.sup.t] [a.sup.o], perhaps Tanjung Selokan or Tanjung Limaubungkuk.
In this panoramic view, the DRAO radio data are color-coded blue, orange, yellow, and green to identify different regions within the gas clouds, distinguished by their different velocities.