DRAPIDetail Reporting Applications Programming Interface
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Burushaski also has bei-, Ys wel- 'to put s-thing on, to don, to wear' (B 47) (L 77, 385) (Will 22) that could be traced to IE *uel- 'tear' with a semantic development as in PS1 *ob-velkti 'to put on clothes' < *velkti 'to pull, drag' (related stem: IEW 1144-5) (for the semantics also note Lith drapanos 'clothes', Skt drapi 'cloak, mantle' < IE *der- 'tear' (Wat 16).
A'r ddwy gath fach sy' gen i yn rhyfeddu ato, ac yn cerdded arno fel pe baen nhw'n cerdded ar drapis.