DRAQDiagnostic et Réhabilitation des Architectures du Quotidien (French: Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of Everyday Architecture; course; various schools)
DRAQDialysis-Related Amyloidosis Questionnaire
DRAQDynamic Resource Allocation with Queue Capability
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The Effective Dream Registration Form and DRAQ were used as data collecting tools in the study.
The participants filled out the DRAQ according to the dream they recorded in the Effective Dream Registration Form.
According to the results in both language forms, Turkish and English, it was seen that the total DRAQ scores were compatible with the normal distribution (Turkish application K-S Z=0.67; p>0.05; English application K-S Z=0.97; p>0.05).
Regarding the construct validity of the DRAQ, CFA was applied to verify the construct obtained from the factor analyses.
In this study, a reliability check of the DRAQ was performed through the calculation of Cronbach's alpha coefficient.
The Cronbach's alpha coefficients of internal consistence of the DRAQ were 0.78 for Lucid Mindfulness; 0.74 for Depersonalization; 0.74 for Intra-dream Self-awareness; 0.74 for Dual Perspectives; 0.75 for Willed Appearances; and 0.81 for the total questionnaire.
To determine the convergent validity of the questionnaire, the relationship between the DRAQ and the scales evaluating the various psychological constructs (conscious awareness, personality traits, metacognitive constructs, etc.), which may be related to reflective awareness, can be studied.