DRBCDelaware River Basin Commission
DRBCDisaster Recovery and Business Continuity (conference)
DRBCDisaster Recovery Business Continuance
DRBCDel Ray Baptist Church (Alexandria, VA)
DRBCDichloran Rose Bengal Chloramphenicol (Agar)
DRBCDevon Rex Breed Club (cat club)
DRBCDemocratic Reform British Columbia (Canada)
DRBCDriftless Region Bicycle Coalition (La Crosse, WI)
DRBCDanube Region Business Conference
DRBCDigital Radio Broadcasting Committee
DRBCDick Rivers Badminton Club (France)
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This partnership appeared most prominently in the DRBC, which was created in 1961 to settle disputes over the allocation of the river's water and to develop the river's resources, (194) and the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), which was created in 1965 to foster economic development in a depressed region.
The highest numbers of the detected CFU of airborne fungi within all measurements were detected on the DRBC cultivation medium as compared to the other cultivation media (SDA, MEA and YGC).
Because of the high level of interest in the project, the DRBC expects to conduct multiple public hearings in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
Four types of cultivation media with added antibiotics were used for the collection of airborne fungi: malt extract agar (Oxoid Ltd., UK) with the addition 100 mg/l of chloramphenicol supplement (Oxoid Ltd., UK); Sabouraud dextrose agar (Oxoid Ltd., UK) with the addition 100 mg/l of chloramphenicol supplement (Oxoid Ltd., UK); DRBC agar base (Oxoid Ltd., UK) with the addition 100 mg/l of chloramphenicol supplement (Oxoid Ltd., UK); and YGC-medium ready-poured plate (Oxoid Ltd., UK).
El mecanismo de formacion de dRBC, no se conoce con certeza; se cree que las alteraciones en la forma del eritrocito son secundarias a los cambios osmoticos y en el pH que es sometido en los diferentes segmentos tubulares renales.
The Lightower network offers diverse connectivity into the facility as well as within the facility, enabling enterprise customers implementing cloud solutions, disaster recovery and business continuity (DRBC) strategies, and other mission-critical applications that require high- performance, reliable bandwidth.
For each sample, three gynophores and three peanuts grains each were directly seeded onto 10 Petri dishes containing potato-dextrose agar (PDA), as described by Pitt and Hocking (1997), 10 dishes containing Dichloran Rose Bengal Chloramphenicol agar (DRBC) according to Pitt et al.
(141) For example, the Delaware River Basin Commission's (DRBC) proposed regulations, discussed further below, encourage the use of sources other than fresh water by allowing for a streamlined approval process, called Approval by Delegated Authority (ADA), whereby the Executive Director of the Commission can approve the project in certain situations.
Em seguida, aliquotas de 1,0 mL de cada diluicao foram semeadas em placa de Petri, contendo Agar Dichloran Rose Bengal Cloranfenicol (DRBC), em triplicata, com a finalidade de determinar a contagem geral dos fungos (King et al., 1979).
Antes das analises sensoriais foi verificada a qualidade higienico-sanitaria das amostras de buttermilk por meio de contagem de coliformes totais (30[degrees]C), termotolerantes (45[degrees]C) e os resultados expressos em NMP (numero mais provavel); e de bolores e leveduras por semeadura em superficie, com meio de cultura DRBC e resultados expressos em UFC (Unidades Formadoras de Colonias) por grama ou militros, segundo as metodologias da American Public Health Association (APHA).
Para el recuento de mohos y levaduras se utilizo la norma ISO 7954:1987 empleando el agar dicloran Rosa de Bengala cloranfenicol (DRBC, Himedia) y siembra por superficie.