DRBCDelaware River Basin Commission
DRBCDisaster Recovery and Business Continuity (conference)
DRBCDisaster Recovery Business Continuance
DRBCDichloran Rose Bengal Chloramphenicol (Agar)
DRBCDevon Rex Breed Club (cat club)
DRBCDemocratic Reform British Columbia (Canada)
DRBCDriftless Region Bicycle Coalition (La Crosse, WI)
DRBCDanube Region Business Conference
DRBCDigital Radio Broadcasting Committee
DRBCDick Rivers Badminton Club (France)
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This partnership appeared most prominently in the DRBC, which was created in 1961 to settle disputes over the allocation of the river's water and to develop the river's resources, (194) and the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), which was created in 1965 to foster economic development in a depressed region.
Because of the high level of interest in the project, the DRBC expects to conduct multiple public hearings in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
The DRBC published proposed rules for natural gas activities in the Basin in December 2010, received about sixty nine thousand public comments in response to the proposed rules, and after eighteen hours of public hearings, issued a revised draft of the rules on November 8, 2011.
likely force the DRBC to consider the unique climate change implications
The DRBC is also considering implementing a new financial assurance requirement, which would require bonds for capping and closure ($25,000 per well or up to $250,000 total); remediation of accidental spills and releases ($5 million for individual well pads not within an approved Natural Gas Development Plan (NGDP), and $8000 per acre with a maximum of $25 million for lands within an approved NGDP); and mitigation (for the estimated cost of completing the mitigation and restoration, which will be specified in the particular NGDP for the site).
Although gas development in the Marcellus Shale has remained outside the Delaware River Basin, the DRBC began monitoring rivers in 2010 to measure the baseline water quality in anticipation of future work there.
The DRBC vote was three to one with one abstention in passing the resolution for promulgating regulations that would prohibit any water project in the Delaware River Basin proposed for developing oil and gas resources by high-volume hydraulic fracturing.
Similarly, nineteen federal agencies gave up their authority over the Delaware River Basin when the DRBC was created.
The DRBC is a hybrid federal/state agency with authority over all projects affecting the Delaware River Basin's water resources.
development, the DRBC has imposed a de facto moratorium on new drilling
131) The DRBC adopts rules to manage the river apart from each state's regulations and has the power of equitable apportionment.