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DRBDDistributed Replicated Block Device
DRBDDistributed Redundant Block Device
DRBDDouble-Stranded RNA-Binding Domain
DRBDDynamic Reliability Block Diagram (computer science)
DRBDDrug Related Birth Defect
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Linbit, a developer of open source redundant network storage solutions, announced on 28 November that it is to release DRBD 8.
Copyright LINBIT Vienna DRBD Authors Lars Ellenberg, Philipp Reisner (Photo: LINBIT)
Support for the entire stack as part of MySQL Enterprise Edition and Oracle Linux Premier Support including: the MySQL Database, the DRBD kernel module and underlying utilities, Pacemaker and Corosync cluster messaging and management processes, and the Oracle Linux operating system.
The main advantage of DRBD is the capability to model dependencies among subsystems or components concerning their reliability interactions.
LINBIT and Novell are committed to Linux in the Enterprise market and offer customers an extraordinary combination of reliability, performance and support - for all components of a High Availability cluster with SLES, SLE HA and DRBD.
Phil Reisner, Chief Developer of DRBD states, "Hosting companies like GMO directly benefit from a relationship with LINBIT due to the fact that our software, experience and consulting packages deal precisely with the challenges they face.
In November 2001, he co-founded LINBIT, a Vienna, Austria based enterprise focused on advancing the development of DRBD and Linux High-Availability.
By exploiting the performance and capabilities of native server file systems in this way, the PostPath Server enables the use of the open and standards-based high-availability tools leveraged in PostPath Server High Availability Edition v2 including RedHat Cluster Server, DRBD and Linux-HA- dramatically simplifying the implementation and management of high availability email services.
Open Source Database Vendor Partners With LINBIT to Jointly Promote & Support DRBD for MySQL Enterprise
Replication and high availability are implemented using standard, supported Linux components: specifically, DRBD and Linux-HA-heartbeat.
Wide range of serviceability, availability and management features, including Ethernet aggregation and failover and RAID1 and DRBD disk mirroring support
0 supports on and off-site server replication and hot failover using DRBD and Linux HA, two open-source technologies built into Linux.