DRCIDeer Ridge Correctional Institution (Oregon)
DRCIDonau-Ruder-Club Ingolstadt (German: Danube Rowing Club Ingolstadt; Germany)
DRCIDalmatian Rescue of Colorado, Inc. (Fort Collins, CO)
DRCIData Resource Consulting Inc. (marketing)
DRCIDepression-Related Cognitive Impairment
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Todd Lindstrom, who gained significant sales and financing experience with DRCI and Sun Power and Geothermal.
As noted in PURE's Form 10Q-SB filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the transaction has not yet closed, but DRCI has affirmed a willingness and intention to complete the transaction; therefore, PURE has granted the buyer an extension.
The company is also selling to DRCI its $2 million Note and Deed of Trust asset for face value.