DRDPDirectia Regionala de Drumuri si Poduri (Romanian: Regional Directorate of Roads and Bridges)
DRDPDesired Results Developmental Profile
DRDPDistrict Rural Development Programme (Tanzania)
DRDPDeclaration on the Rights of Disabled Persons (human rights agreement)
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supply of asphalt mixture type ba 16 and mas 16 used for maintenance work of the asphalt clothing of dn from the administration of drdp iasi, Lot 1-9.
Current maintenance services during the winter 2019-2020 of the national roads from the drdp iasi - sdn botosani, according to the requirements of the specifications.
Ensuring the guard of objectives, goods and values at drdp bucharest and central laboratory, sdn 1-7 and aci giurgiu for 2020.
Multi-annual periodic maintenance - hot asphalt carpets for the national road network within drdp iasi, according to the requirements of the technical documentation.
Tenders are invited for acquisition of carriage products with transport included for drdp cluj, broken stone 0-31, 5 mm; 0-63 mm; - framework agreement 2 years.
Contract award notice: Desiccant salt required in the first quarter of 2019 for drdp bucharest, Drdp craiova, Drdp timisoara, Drdp cluj, Drdp brasov, Drdp iasi, Drdp constanta (romania-bucharest: Rock salt)
Contract award notice: Specialized guarding and protection services for the works performed at targu mures target - drdp brasov
Contract award notice: Current road maintenance maintenance road safety: - lot 1 - drdp bucharest, - lot 2 - drdp craiova, - lot 3 - drdp timisoara, - lot 4 - drdp cluj, - lot 5 - drdp brasov, - lot 6 - drdp iasi, - lot 7 - drdp constanta
Drawing up cadastral documentation for registering the public property of the state and the administration right of cnair sa for the national road network and independent buildings drdp iasi, lot 3 - sdn focsani, galati