DRDRDocument Régional de Développement Rural (French: Regional Rural Development Document)
DRDRDotation Régionale de Développement des Réseaux (French: Regional Development Network Staffing)
DRDRDivision of Recoverable and Disposable Resources (University of Virginia)
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For discrete-dependent variables (NEWP, MACH, and DRDR), we use LOGIT regression method.
Table 4 reports results on Chinese firms' technology sourcing from internal development (RDY), importing machinery and equipment from abroad (MACH), purchasing technology licenses from foreign firms (FLIC), purchasing technology licenses from domestic firms (DLIC), and establishing relationships with domestic R&D institutions (DRDR).
Note that in regression (9), EPZN has a positive estimated coefficient with regard to DRDR that is large and statistically significant.
We find that the estimated effects of city dummies are negative and statistically significant for both DLIC and DRDR, which is evidence that firms in inner regions of China rely more on domestic technology sources than firms in costal regions of China.
Drug Resistance Determining Region (DRDR) conferring resistance to rifampicin, dapsone and fluoroquinolones.
Percentage of leprosy cases with mutations conferring drug-resistance among relapse cases Drug resistance related genes rpoB folP Leprosy cases with mutations in DRDR 4/111 (3.6%) 9/111 (8.1%) Drug resistance related genes gyrA Leprosy cases with mutations in DRDR 9/111 (8.1%) Table 2b.
leprae DRDRs from patients with characterised relapse from MDT.
leprae DNA regions containing the DRDRs of gene targets (folP1, rpoB and gyrA) for subsequent mutation detection (Figure 1A).
leprae DRDRs of anti-leprosy drug targets folP1, rpoB, and gyrA using PCR/direct DNA sequencing (Table 1).
(65) These guidelines included: 1) DNA isolation from skin biopsy of MB relapse patients using DNeasy Kit (Qiagen, Germantown, MD); 2) PCR amplification of the appropriate target DNA fragments containing DRDRs of M.
Sequences in the DRDR of each gene were analysed, in DNA recovered from bacilli which grew in the footpads of mice treated with dapsone.
These mutations have been confirmed to confer resistance to the drug, dapsone, (5,6,8,9,15,16) rifampicin, (4-8,10,13) or quinolone (4-6,8) by the mouse footpad susceptibility test and by mutation detection in the DRDR for each drug.