DRDRDocument Régional de Développement Rural (French: Regional Rural Development Document)
DRDRDotation Régionale de Développement des Réseaux (French: Regional Development Network Staffing)
DRDRDivision of Recoverable and Disposable Resources (University of Virginia)
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2] 8 9 Regression Method OLS LOGIT Dependent Variable DLIC DRDR EXP 0.
Note that in regression (9), EPZN has a positive estimated coefficient with regard to DRDR that is large and statistically significant.
We find that the estimated effects of city dummies are negative and statistically significant for both DLIC and DRDR, which is evidence that firms in inner regions of China rely more on domestic technology sources than firms in costal regions of China.
leprae DRDRs from patients with characterised relapse from MDT.
leprae DNA regions containing the DRDRs of gene targets (folP1, rpoB and gyrA) for subsequent mutation detection (Figure 1A).
leprae DRDRs of anti-leprosy drug targets folP1, rpoB, and gyrA using PCR/direct DNA sequencing (Table 1).
24) Briefly, this assay is performed using the following steps: 1) multiplex PCR to simultaneously amplify the DRDRs of target genes from DNA of clinical specimens and label the amplicons with biotin; 2) PCR amplicons are heat denatured and quickly chilled; 3) the chilled mixture is hybridized to the LDS-DA slide containing a series of bound oligonucleotide probes corresponding to each mutation in the folPl, rpoB and gyrA genes for dapsone, rifampicin and ofloxacin resistance, respectively; and 4) biotin-labelled DNA fragments hybridize15 to the capture probes on the LDS-DA and are detected by avidin-biotin horseradish peroxidase.
25,74) This assay is performed as follows: 1) DNA is isolated; 2) DRDRs of M.