DRDSDivision of Respiratory Disease Studies (CDC)
DRDSDiagnostic Repair Drone (Farscape)
DRDSDepartment of Rural Development Studies (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
DRDSDefence Research & Development Service (India)
DRDSDynamic Reconfiguration Data Set (reconfigures resources in SNA network)
DRDSDistributed Routing and Distributed Scheduling
DRDSDismanuv Rozhlasovy a Divadelni Soubor (Czech: Dismanuv Radio and the Theater Image)
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The Scottish Government's responses to increases in drug related deaths (DRD) focus on an "ageing cohort" that have developed a range of health problems over the years due to their drug use.
For states that have included Section 965 income after the deduction, several have extended their existing subtraction modifications for Subpart F income or foreign-source DRDs, resulting in a full exclusion of Section 965 income.
A better approach is to fabricate such acrylic dentures which may act as DRDs (Drug releasing devices) from which antifungal drugs elute and inhibit microbial growth.4 Most commonly used agents for such purposes are chlorhexidine acetate and digluconate which are commonly used as antiseptic mouthwash due to its broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity.5 However, when used as a mouth wash, most of the agents are removed from the mouth during the first hour, due to the diluting effect of the saliva.
There was no statistically significant difference found between the age groups of nurses and the scores of ATDDPS, DRDS and TPDAS ** (relatively; 0.207; 0.319; 0.871).
f(z) = z + [z.sup.n+1]/[mu]v [[integral].sup.1.sub.0] [[integral].sup.1.sub.0] g(rsz)[r.sup.n+1/[mu]-1] [s.sup.n+1/v-1] drds.
A chancery court held (41) that limiting the dividends-received deduction (DRD) to dividends paid by an entity doing business and filing a return in the state is unconstitutional.
This paper contains sections addressing the following major topics: the axioms and algebraic laws for FDs; operational definitions, axioms, and algebraic laws for DRDs; the decomposition theorem for data relatability dependencies, and conclusions.
Corporate shareholders historically have preferred dividend treatment because of the availability of the corporate dividends-received deduction (DRD).
On audit, the IRS determined that Berkshire's DRD for its 1989-1991 tax years should have been reduced under Sec.
* Several changes were made to the computation of state tax bases involving DRDs, NOLs and intercompany expenses and transactions.
* Several states have changed provisions on DRDs and interest and intangible expenses paid to related companies.