DRDWDirect Read During Write
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Spearman rank correlation was used for the analysis of correlation between RDW levels and SOFA scores and dRDW and dSOFA.
Relationship between dRDW and dSOFA is shown in [Figure 2].{Table 4}{Figure 2}
Correlation coefficients among leaf relative water content (RWC), leaf rolling (LR), leaf drying (LD), days to heading (DH), biomass (BM), grain yield (GY), spikelet fertility (SF), number of grains per panicle (GPP), 1000-grain weight (TGWt) and harvest index (HI) under drought stress in the field in trial 1, (Coimbatore, India 1999 wet season) and osmotic adjustment (OA), root penetration index (RPI), basal root thickness (BRT), root pulling force (RPF), deep root thickness (DPRT), deep root dry weight (DRDW) and root depth (RDEPTH) in a DH line population of rice.