DREBDehydration-Responsive Element-Binding (biology)
DREBDéfense Rapprochée des Engins Blindés (French: Close Defense of Armored Vehicles)
DREBDoyle and Roman Enrichment Broth (microbiology)
DREBDystrophic Recessive Epidermolysis Bullosa (inherited disease)
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Similarly, members of DREB family are also important for plant response to heat stress (Qu et al., 2013).
whereas, regulatory genes constitute bZIP, DREB, MYC/MYB, and NAC factors (Agarwal et al.
These include DREB. NAC, MYB, MYC, Cys2His2 zinc finger, bZIP, AP2/ERF, and WRKY (Wang et al.
To substantiate this finding we studied the expression of DREB, which is a hallmark of stress-responsive gene expression [50].
This report revealed that WRKY19 as a component of both ABA and DREB pathways, showing WRKY19 expression level, was responsive to ABA application, and in transgenic WRKY19 deficient plants, the expression levels of DREB pathway components were altered [39].
With the use of these overexpressor plants, WRKY proteins were shown to be involved in the DREB pathway [39], and MYB proteins were revealed to function in ROS detoxification [34, 38].
Among them, bZIP, WRKY, AP2, NAC, C2H2 zinc finger gene, and DREB families comprise a large number of stress-responsive members.
Examples of saltresponsive genes are listed in the Table 1, and these genes are mainly classified into the following functional categories: ion transport or homeostasis (e.g., SOS genes, AtNHX1, and [H.sup.+]-ATPase), senescence-associated genes (e.g., SAG), molecular chaperones (e.g., HSP genes), and dehydrationrelated transcription factors (e.g., DREB).
Then, this element could be bent by a family of transcription elements and therefore named DRE-binding (DREB) proteins [115].
Structural and regulatory genes including dehydration-responsive, element-binding (DREB) factors, zinc finger proteins, and NAC transcription factor genes are already being applied [122].
In the plant kingdom, DREB is a large subfamily belonging to the APETALA2/ethylene-responsive element-binding protein (AP2/EREBP) family.
These transcription factors are called either C-repeat Binding Proteins (CBFs) or Dehydration Responsive Element Binding Proteins (DREBs).