DREEMDundee Ready Education Environment Measure
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Literature is replete with evidence that DREEM inventory has been translated into numerous languages and affirmed to measure the educational climate at several educational organisations.
Medical students' perception about the educational environment in western maharashtra medical college using DREEM Scale.
Evaluation of educational environment for medical students of a tertiary pediatric hospital in Tehran, using DREEM questionnaire.
The objective of this study was to assess the educational environment prevalent in a private medical college in Pakistan (AKUMC) using DREEM scale and subscales.
It was measured through the DREEM (9) questionnaire, which has 50 items, with options for Likert-type responses offering five alternatives: 4 = completely agree; 3 = agree; 2 = uncertain; 1 = disagree, and 0 = completely disagree.
Qualitative studies can be done alone9 or complemented with the quantitative studies like with DREEM inventory17.
In addition to the total score there are five subscales in the DREEM (Table 1).
Keywords: Cross-sectional studies, DREEM questionnaire, Educational environment, Medical students, Pakistan.
6-10 DREEM consists of several subscales; scores achieved overall and in each subscale can be interpreted on a spectrum from very poor or negative to very good or positive.