DREEPDried Residue of Ethanol Extracted Propolis
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He may be 67, but Clint can still dreep down walls and outpace crack cops who spotted him spotting US President Hackman bumping off his floozie.
Spring rain dreeps On neeps an sheeps In cauldrife Buchan parks NEEPS AN SHEEPS - SHEENA BLACKHALL "Bit", says Sheena, "sheeps wi neeps can thole the dreeps they're weirin wooly sarks!" - the twa three lines inspired bi a paintin o Rosy Long wi at title.
Here we are intae Simmer, haein cassen the semmits or Mey be oot an the hash wis on last wikkeyn tryin tae catch up afore we hae a twa three days awa fae't aa an haud doon tae see wee rosie Rose, the latest edition tae the faimly an sic a mineer kennin fit tae dae first, pluntin half o the annuals in the front border till, na nae Sheena's dreeps, bit plyters o rain fair pit an eyn tae that, the dreidit packin an at the hinmaist meenit, the thocht o delays in air flicht.