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DREKDead Reckoning
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(25.) I don't know if one would classify Kamisar's outpouring as merely drek auf dem teller, but it caught the students attention like a fortz n' zovver, even to the point where it skewed the final exam test results.
It wasn't only museums that bought this drek up, but filthy rich fund managers and the like purely because it was fashionable and expensive.
Season ticket prices have been cut by 9% across the board and, speaking to the club's website, United's managing director Drek Llambias said he sympathised with the plight of ordinary fans.
But why, even in dreams, must I dwell on the dark, in the dire, in the drek? A foal in a dappling field, I might have dreamed, a child trailing after with a rope, But no, the sense, the scent nearly, the dream-scent, was wild frustration; not pity but some insane collision with greed, and power, and credulity, above all.
'I did hesitate a little bit coming over here but I was finding that so much of the work that actors go for in Hollywood these days is such drek,' he frowns.
Karkatjie (puisie of sweertjie op die ooglid) is die produk van 'n soortgelyke eufemistiese wysiging vanaf kakkatjie (verkleiningsvorm van kak = "drek") (Van Wyk et al., 2002:74).
IDAHO 4 helms, 17 furzy IOWA 4 maes mase mesa same seam, 12 Maui (RHD), 14 wock, 18 goas sago, 22 ewks skew MAINE 14 abows (OED, W2) MICHIGAN 6 mootings, smooting, stooming (OED) OHIO 23 fell OREGON 13 barbet rabbet tabber (W3) TEXAS 7 hazel, 11 lepid piled plied UTAH 10 drek, 11 elfs self, 13 hung, 20 boun WYOMING 6 costume
The insipid shiny happy clappy boy/girl band factorymanufactured derivative drivel from the likes of Will Young, S Club Seven and Atomic ``We'd attend the opening of a ciggie packet, us'' Kitten makes you wonder if rock every really ever happened to kick sand in the face of this kind of drek.
followed by Tony Johnson (3-14), Martin Scott (3-18-09), Pete Duffy (3-18-20), Phil Duffy (3-36), John Kane (3-49), Glenn Batchelor (3-55), Drek Brookes and Jimmy Cannon (4-01-58).
And bring me a half cup of whatever drek the chef calls coffee, half a cup of Kaluha and, God help us, four orders of the poached pears Pancho."
He is due to be demolished by Chairman Drek, played by Paul Giamatti, who employs evil scientist Doctor Nefarious to build an army of robot assassins.