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DREMDynamic Regulatory Events Miner
DREMData at Rest Encryption Module (jBASE International, Inc.)
DREMDallas Real Estate Ministries (Texas; evangelical group)
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Asi, las DREM presentan escasez tanto de personal especializado como de recursos para llevar a cabo sus tareas, y ademas son vulnerables a la corrupcion (Defensoria del Pueblo 2014: 125-129).
Oherwydd clochdar balch dy big A'th drem drahaus ar dir y Lord Mi fynnwn heno gael dy gig Yn rhost amheuthun ar fy mord A byw yn fras am hynny o dro Ar un a besgodd braster bro.
Hwan that aungel hauade seyd, Of his slep anon he brayd, And seide, "Lemman, slepes thou A selkuth drem dremede me nou: (1277-1284).
The common critical opinion regarding this particular inconformity of the poem somehow endorses the narrator's boasting of the unprecedented wonder of the dream at the outset: "For never sith that I was born, / Ne no man elles me beforn, / Mette, I trowe stedfastly, / So wonderful a drem as I" (59-62).
The process started with the delivery of the prefabricated steel sections to the Metallisation plant in Drem, near Edinburgh.
A 3km protection zone and a 10km surveillance zone were set up around the farm at Fenton Barns, Drem, East Lothian.
2-mile) surveillance zone have been established around the farm in Fenton Barns, Drem, East Lothian.
Restrictions on moving poultry and hatching eggs have been imposed within a 3km 'protection zone' and 10km 'surveillance zone' centred on Fenton Barns, Drem.
03am Birmingham- to-Edinburgh service between Dunbar and Drem, East Lothian, around midday.
03am Birmingham-to-Edinburgh service between Dunbar and Drem, East Lothian, at about midday.
Wel worthe, of this thyng, grete clerkys, that fret of this and other werkes; for I of noon opinion nyl as now make mensyon, but oonly that the holy roode turne us every drem to goode