DREODefence Research Establishment Ottawa
DREODesired Rated Exhaust Oxygen
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He also said that DARMR may seek a radar jammer for the C-130 in the future, possibly the Canadian Advanced Radar Deception System (CARDS) now under development by the DREO and McDonald Dettwiler.
In the interim, the Army will use a system called the Computerized EW Operations Centre (CEWOC), based on the Data Fusion and Correlation Techniques Testbed developed by the DREO with help from Software Kinetics.
Meanwhile, the DREO has embarked on research projects with a land-forces slant.
Working with Lockheed Martin Canada, ComDev and Software Kinetics, the DREO has developed a two-phased approach to CANEWS 2.
In countermeasures, DREO is working with the Canadian arm of MEL on a towed decoy and other expendables.
Fortunately, DREO has frequently managed to fill the gaps.
Funding approval for what is being called CANEWS II is now being sought, based on efforts already started at MEL and within DREO.
Its decoy work with DREO shows its expertise is not limited to the sea, however.