DREPDélégation pour la Réalisation des Établissements Pénitentiaires (French: Delegation for the Director of Prisons)
DREPDefence Research Establishment Pacific (Canada)
DREPDepot Repair Enhancement Program
DREPDangers des Rayonnements Électromagnétiques sur les Personnes (French: Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation on People)
DREPDetroit Regional Economic Partnership (Michigan)
DREPDominica Rural Enterprise Project
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A reliability coefficient was computed to determine whether the items on the DREP were consistent with one another.
Eleven items on the DREP were related to educational aspirations, 15 items to campus environment, and 2 items to financial aid eligibility status.
Section II of the DREP contained 15 items that related to institutional influences as the reason students resumed their educational pursuits.
Initially, responses were placed in three categories that represented the three open-ended items included in the DREP to identify factors not addressed in Sections II and III of the instrument.
Our position is that the authority who's responsible for the records is responsible for providing them, whether the records have been delegated to a contractor or not," Dreps said.
I think it's ironic that computerization of records somehow makes them less accessible to the public" Dreps said.
In addition to addressing some of the major legal questions examined in the case so far, the Supreme Court may also address "concern that the decision was overbroad in how much right to access it gave citizens," Dreps said.
A graduate of Southern Illinois University (SIU), Dreps was drafted into the U.
Dreps is on the King County ADA/504 Commission board, the Washington State Hepatitis C Steering Committee, and the Evergreen-Washelli Veterans Cemetery Board of Directors.
The next day, NWPVA President Charles Karczewski, Executive Director Michaels, and Government Relations Director Dreps visited with Congressmen Adam Smith and Norm Dicks prior to touring the Seattle VAMC.